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Dr. Kiku Aikins (TCM) has been in practice since 2004 serving the Central Coast community for many years. Kiku incorporates a range of modalities including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle advice offering a holistic treatment to help you get the best outcome so you can get on and enjoy life. A large number of people who visit her practice have tried many other therapies with no resolution of their complaints. As an experienced practitioner, Kiku looks at the whole picture to treat the cause not just the presenting symptoms so that the treatment can assist in long term outcomes.

Her scope of interest includes various pain conditions, arthritis, sports injuries, stress & anxiety*.

Natural Healing


My goal is to provide alternative medical care that will assist you to gain back health and to maintain your well-being in long term by gentle and natural methods incorporating acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion (herbal heat therapy), massage and Chinese herbs.

My practice offers acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Central Coast NSW, located in Lisarow near Gosford, 15 min from Erina, 5 min from M1 Ourimbah exit. Strong focus on various pains, stress and anxiety*. Over the past 15 years many female patients have visited my clinic for their various health issues in different stages of life, from reproductive years through to peri- or post menopause. Acupuncture for IVF support is also provided. For enquiry on your specific condition,  you are welcome to contact  me via email or phone.

What Is Involved


Each patient is assessed with a thorough interview and examination of the tongue, pulse and presenting symptoms to diagnose the condition based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Treatment plan is drawn using acupuncture (sometimes combined with massage) and/or Chinese herbs. The whole process including the treatment takes about one hour. Unlike multi-bed clinic, only one patient is treated at a time in my practice. Sterile, one-use needles are used for acupuncutre. 

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Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been developed in China over 2500 years. It is widely used in the world today due to its effectiveness in treating a wide range of conditions. Acupuncture may help* to

  • provide drug-free pain relief
  • treat a wide range of acute and  chronic conditions
  • treat the underlying cause rather than simply masking the symptoms
  • provide a wholistic approach to illnesses by treating both mind and body as a whole system
  • assist in the maintenance of general well-being
  • offer a gentle therapy for all including children, pregnant women and the elderly.

Natural Pain Relief


Are you having a difficulty in getting any solution for your pain? A large number of patients  who  come to my clinic  had tried other therapies  for their pain with no resolution.  I focus on wholistic methods in treating pain such as headaches, chronic back pain, joint pain, and neck/shoulder pain*. I use an array of time-tested methods such as acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, cupping, moxibusiton (herbal heat therapy), massage as well as Chinese herbs to treat various pains.  My goal is to treat and relieve your pain for good instead of using pharmaceuticals for temporary relief. We accept patients in wheelchair.  Our practice offers wheelchair access. Acupuncture can be provided sitting in wheelchair. 


Herbal Therapy


Chinese Herbal Medicine is one of the oldest and most long-standing health care systems in the world with a wide range of uses. It is one of the most researched alternative therapies and is widely offered by some doctors and hospitals in Japan and China. There are over 8,000 medical institutions including hospitals, medical centres and private clinics in Japan that provide Chinese herbal medicine (Kampo) in various areas of health. The Chinese herbs are used to treat various ailments, sometimes as an adjunct to pharmaceutical medications. Under the care of an experienced herbalist, it can provide a natural treatment or an adjunct therapy for many acute and chronic conditions*. All herbs and minerals used in my practice are 100% natural and TGA approved and tested for any pesticides and impurity. They are available in granule for easy taking.  


* In traditional Chinese medicine, each condition is treated based not only on the main complaint or symptom but also on all other co-exsiting symptoms and signs to treat the body and mind as a whole system. For this reason, the treatment plan is highly individualised.  To find out whether your specific problem can be assisted with acupuncture or Chinese herbs, please contact the practitioner. 

* The above statements are not intended to generalise the use of acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine for specific conditions mentioned nor to indicate or suggest their effectiveness for such conditions.

About the therapist

Dr. Kiku Aikins (TCM) is a nationally registered practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. She is a long-time member of Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA). She has an extensive experience in treating various health conditions over the past 15 years in the Central Coast working as an allied health practitioner at medical centres in the region. Her philosophy as a hands-on therapist looking after people's health is in order to be able to provide a great care "a practitioner of health needs to have an abundant positive energy within oneself physically, mentally and spiritually".  

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